Tour 1 - Granville Island + Flyover Canada


Blending art, beauty, and culinary delights, Granville Island’s Public Market is at the very heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. Whether you're interested in shopping for unique products, enjoying live performances, or savouring delicious food, the Granville Island Public Market is a must go-to location for exploring the uniqueness of local Vancouver culture. 

Immerse yourself on a grand journey through Canada’s scenic mountains, vast prairies, and historic cities with FlyOver Canada on the second half of this tour. Combining state-of-the-art technology with an unparalleled unique sensory experience, you’ll have  experienced the best of Canada by the end of your ride.

granville-island sign

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Tour 2 - Vancouver Aquarium


Renowned as the largest aquarium in Canada, the Vancouver Aquarium is located in Stanley Park by the scenic Vancouver Seawall. Visit Vancouver’s beloved penguins, cuddly otters, and celebrity seals or check out the sprawling sea of glowing jellyfish on this tour. Alongside marine life, learn more about British Columbia’s commitment to marine conservation, education, and research through a variety of interactive displays and curated exhibits. A highly recommended place to visit on this tour is the Courtyard Cafe (located inside the Aquarium) which has some delicious hot chocolates and chowder!


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Tour 3 - Capilano Suspension Bridge


The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a tourist-favourite attraction in North Vancouver. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and iconic suspension bridge spanning the Capilano River. Explore a variety of attractions and activities to experience Vancouver’s thriving coastal rainforest and unique ecosystems. Brave the seven suspension bridges and towering platforms of Treetop Adventures to see Capilano from a squirrel’s eye view. A lucky sight to see, Capilano’s seasonal Love Lights will be on display, illuminating the bridges to transform the winter wilderness.

Capilano Bridge

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