Get excITed for DISCOVERIT 🔍 On the second day of the CaseIT Competition Week, get ready for an exhilarating chance to explore Vancouver and engage in entertaining challenges! It is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of Vancouver by selecting your CaseIT tour. Dive into the city's premier attractions while experiencing a day in the life of a true Vancouverite. Anticipate this as an event that promises excitement and unforgettable experiences! Please check out our tour teaser to preview some upcoming attractions.


Get ready to hIT the shutters and CaptureIT 📷 You will be embarking on an exciting journey during DiscoverIT, where your team can partake in our annual social media challenge, CaptureIT. Competitors will showcase their adventures while exploring the beauty of Downtown Vancouver and its main attractions. Each tour package includes a set of DiscoverIT challenges, allowing participants to accumulate extra SpirIT points as well. These bonus points will contribute to your team's SpirIT and CaptureIT tally and the winners of the CaptureIT Challenge will be announced at our Welcome Ceremony. This is your chance to make unforgettable memories and claim victory!


Are you ready to show some SpirIT? This year, we're bringing SpirIT into the CaseIT 2024 competition week! Throughout the event, you'll take part in engaging challenges and attend pillar events that will add to your team's SpirIT.

How will SpirIT be measured? You and your team can accumulate points by completing our social media and daily challenges, actively participating in our events, and displaying an overall spirITed attitude throughout the week!

It's a thrilling opportunity to showcase your school pride and demonstrate your enthusiasm for CaseIT 2024! The team with the most SpirIT points will receive the SpirIT Trophy at our Awards Banquet. Good luck!

CaseIT OC in front of the Steam Clock CaseIT ReadyForIT Icebreaker Competitors interacting with each other CaseIT OC Jump Photo